Course Videos

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    EAS Theory

    • Mechanism of Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution

    • Friedel Craft Reaction

    • Classroom Problem Solving Discussion

    • Activating Deactivating and its Application on Aromatic System

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    EAS Intermediate Sheet Discussion

    • Class 1

    • Class 2

    • Class 3

    • Class 5


Tapan Singh

Chemistry can remain a ‘mystery’ if you are not in competent hands. Of the very few people in the country who can deliver every aspect of chemistry end to end, Tapan is one. It’s not easy to see with the white of your eyes, the molecules, and the atoms and their interplay, if Tapan is not your chemistry mentor. To bring to life the mechanisms of organic chemistry, it warrants, somebody of the stature of Tapan Singh to be there. To make inorganic chemistry as vibrant as organic, you need Tapan. With a demeanor that is otherwise serious, Tapan Singh has all the deliverables in place.

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